RespiraPath™ & COVID-19


Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) take the lives of 4.25 million people each year, categorizing it as the 3rd deadliest illness in the world.

RespiraPath™ (Multiplex Respiratory RT-PCR Pathogen Panel Testing)

Bacterial and viral respiratory infections often manifest themselves in a similar manner begging the question: What is the quickest and most effective way to diagnose a respiratory infection in order to help prevent possible hospitalization and loss of life?

Standard medical practice has been culture testing which takes 3-7 days minimum to grow and produces mixed flora (inconclusive) results 50% – 60% of the time, delaying the treatment of the patient. Rapid tests are limited to only testing for one pathogen or target, which leaves physicians with a lack of actionable results if that target isn’t present in the patient and lacks the ability to detect secondary infections which may be present.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned that SARS-CoV2 has affected the population differently depending on health risk factors and variants. This is why we test for COVID-19 independently and also include it as one of the pathogens on our RespiraPath™ RT-PCR panel to best meet your patients’ needs. We provide same-day results for both tests thereby ensuring proper treatment can start as soon as possible for the patient.

Patients with exposure to the virus, mild to no symptoms, or who are traveling often get tested for COVID-19 independently as they are trying to figure out if they need to quarantine but are not in danger of hospitalization. Our RT-PCR RespiraPath™ panel test was designed to help providers determine whether the respiratory symptoms in the patient are indicative of COVID or another respiratory infection like RSV or Flu. In these cases, since the patient is suffering and is seeking treatment, simply testing for COVID is not sufficient and we recommend choosing our RespiraPath™ RT-PCR panel as it tests for multiple targets which are known to cause respiratory symptoms including but not limited to SARS-CoV2.

Our RT-PCR RespiraPath™ panel is critical in saving time in the diagnosis and treatment processes. As several pathogens from our large molecular diagnostic testing menu are tested all at once, specimen samples are resulted 6-8 hours from when our lab receives the specimen and the identification of antibiotic resistance genes allows physicians to practice precision medicine by giving the relevant data needed for prescribing the correct medication for that specific infection.

Clinical Relevance & Advantages:

  • Prevents delays in diagnosis & treatment (6-8 hrs from lab arrival)
  • Tests for bacterial, and viral pathogens
  • Reduces the spread of infection
  • Detects polymicrobial infections simultaneously
  • Identifies antibiotic-resistant genes
  • Allows for precision medicine through narrow-spectrum antibiotics
  • Limits unnecessary exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • Unaffected by the use of current medications such as antibiotics
  • Cost savings from earlier diagnosis

What pathogens are included in the molecular diagnostic RespiraPath™ test?

Viruses: 1. COVID-19, 2. Flu-A, 3. Flu H1, 4. Flu H3, 5. Flu-B, 6. RSV-A, 7. RSV-B, 8. Adenovirus, 9. Bocavirus, 10. Coronavirus 229E, 11. Coronavirus HKU1, 12. Coronavirus NL63, 13. Coronavirus OC43, 14. Enterovirus, 15. Metapneumovirus, 16. Parainfluenza 1, 17. Parainfluenza 2, 18. Parainfluenza 3, 19. Parainfluenza 4, 20. Rhinovirus

Bacteria: 1. Bordetella pertussis, 2. Chlamydia pneumoniae, 3. Haemophilus influenzae, 4. Mycoplasma pneumoniae, 5. Staphylococcus aureus, 6. Streptococcus pneumoniae, 7. Streptococcus pyogenes


ResistantPath™: 1. mecA, 2. mcr-1, 3. tetM, 4. tetS, 5. vanA, 6. vanB & 7. sul1

RespiraPath-STI™ (2)

  1. Human Simplex Virus 1, 2. Human Simplex Virus 2

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