Our Mission

We believe the molecular diagnostic (RT-PCR) methodology is the key to being able to provide precision medicine-level diagnostic testing and treatment to the entire population of the United States.

Our Lab Team

Our senior lab team members are comprised of multiple molecular biologists who have extensive experience in RT-PCR panel testing.  Their combined education and work in molecular biology totals over 90 years of experience in the field. Each and every segment of our lab’s workflow is critical to providing a reliable test result that can be confidently relied on by the clinicians and labs we serve. This is why we have invested heavily in our lab team to ensure we have the highest level of competence in every aspect of the process from accessioning to reporting the result.

Our lab team’s qualifications include:

  • 2 Ph.D. degrees
  • 3 masters degrees
  • Board-certified technologists in molecular biology by the American Society for clinical pathology (ASCP)
  • Clinical molecular biology technologists certified by the State of Florida’s Department of Health (FLDOH)
  • Studied at distinguished domestic and international Universities
  • Held laboratory positions in molecular biology at UF and the State of FL
  • Design Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), Validate LDTs, and performed proficiency testing for LDTs
  • Synthesized primers internally using a Bioautomation MerMade 192 DNA synthesizer machine
  • Over 85 combined publications in various scientific journals

Our RT-PCR Testing Laboratory

NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies has a state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic laboratory that is:

  • 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Joint Commission-accredited
  • CLIA-licensed for high-complexity testing
  • CMS Accredited
  • Florida Department of Health-accredited
  • State of Maryland Department of Health-accredited

With two separate buildings – one for extraction and one for testing – we are able to remove all risks of contamination and provide the utmost confidence in our diagnostic RT-PCR test results.

Our advanced instrumentation includes eight Quant Studio 12K Flex PCR machines, two KingFisher Flex extraction instruments, and a MerMade 192 DNA synthesizer which optimize our capacity to test patients’ samples on a daily basis.

Certifications and Accreditations