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The COVID-19 pandemic revealed that molecular diagnostic PCR Technology is the emerging gold standard for swab testing patients’ specimens for infection detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Our CLIA-certified high complexity laboratory has been a pioneer in the PCR diagnostic field since its inception in 2011.

NCF Diagnostics invests heavily in training and education to develop the highest laboratory infrastructure combined with a highly skilled team of experts. Innovating new molecular diagnostic RT-PCR assays regularly, NCF Diagnostics endeavors to continue leading molecular diagnostics with our exceptional workforce, always keeping the “patient first” philosophy of care.

Above all, NCF Diagnostics strives to provide a superior level of service where results are provided within 6-8 hours of sample receipt and accuracy is guaranteed.


Real-time molecular diagnostic PCR testing provides precision test results for highly targeted treatments.


PCR test results are delivered within 6-8 hours.


Emerging DNA technologies empowers the physician and patient by keeping them informed without unnecessary complications.


RespiraPath™ can comprehensively test for a total of 29 potential viral or bacterial pathogens at once. It is designed to identify and diagnose the presence of respiratory illness-causing pathogens in real-time. Completed via swabbing samples, this molecular diagnostic RT-PCR test has diagnosed more than 75,000 patients from clinics across the nation.

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UriPath™ & UriPath-STI™

We offer two urine-based RT-PCR molecular diagnostic tests. UriPath™ is designed to test for and measure the quantity of 19 pathogens potentially present in patients’ urine samples. Most commonly, these pathogens cause urinary tract infections. UriPath-STI™, on the other hand, tests a patient’s urine for 12 different STI-causing pathogens.

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WoundPath™ & NailPath™

Our WoundPath™ panel tests for 22 infection-causing pathogens and NailPath™ tests for another 22 bacterial and fungi-related pathogens. Open skin wounds, including on and around the nails, can allow pathogens to access the underlying tissue. Molecular diagnostic RT-PCR testing of these areas can identify the type of infection that is present.

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NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies developed GastroPath™ to identify a total of 30 pathogenic microbes in a patient’s intestinal tract. These pathogens can, in some cases, cause emergencies when the patient is improperly treated with antibiotics. Thus, this test not only enhances better patient outcomes but can help to mitigate dangerous situations by providing accurate testing results.

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NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies understands the importance of antibiotic stewardship. For this reason, our team developed ResistantPath™, a molecular diagnostic RT-PCR test that is designed to test a patient for the potential presence of antibiotic-resistant genes. Thus, patients will experience enhanced recovery as their treatment plans are made swiftly with the best choice of antibiotic for their infection.

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Severe/chronic sinusitis may cause a combination of symptoms in a patient that are both the same and different from respiratory illnesses. These symptoms may range from earaches to trouble balancing and even loss of hearing. With this in mind, NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies developed SinoPath™, which allows the patient to swab their inner ear, rather than their throat, for potential pathogens.

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All Pathogens™

Over the years, NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies has worked with hospitals and infectious disease specialists that were having trouble diagnosing severely ill patients who may be suffering from rare or multiple infections. With our All Pathogens™ panel, we can test our whole RT-PCR molecular diagnostic testing menu of 225+ pathogens and create custom panels. This testing panel would include the ResistantPath™ test, as well.

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