Lab equipment for PCR testing sits on top of a white table with a gloved hand in the shot

The further we advance our medical technology, the further we can advance treatment options and patient outcomes.

And that’s precisely what NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies is committed to.

By utilizing testing methods and technological resources at the forefront of the industry standard, our team can rapidly and precisely test for a wide array of disease-causing bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic pathogens all at once.

Molecular Diagnostic RT-PCR Technology

NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies remains focused on molecular diagnostic RT-PCR technology, the likes of which have revolutionized pathogen testing and have been largely popularized since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“PCR is a simple and widely used process in which minute amounts of DNA can be amplified into multiple copies,” according to research published by the National Library of Medicine. “In addition to the rapidity with which this assay works, it is able to quantitatively demonstrate how much of a particular sequence is present.”

Moreover, RT-PCR testing offers a wide range of benefits over culture testing — a traditional testing methodology — including rapid results.

“Before the development of PCR, the methods used to amplify, or generate copies of, recombinant DNA fragments were time-consuming and labor-intensive,” Britannica explains.

But thanks to this new technology, it no longer takes days or weeks to receive test results. Rather, in the case of NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies, it takes merely six to eight hours.

Technology of the NCF Diagnostics Testing Laboratory

Aside from the methodology itself, NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies also maintains and operates a state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic laboratory.

Spanning 8,000 sq. ft., this facility features two buildings (for extraction and testing, respectively) as well as the following credentials:

  • CLIA-licensed for high-complexity testing
  • Joint Commission-accredited
  • CMS Accredited
  • Florida Department of Health-accredited
  • State of Maryland Department of Health-accredited

Finally, we believe in using industry-leading instruments to complete our pathogen tests.

Specifically, our advanced instrumentation includes…

Working with NCF Diagnostics & Technologies

NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies is located in Alachua, FL, and has served as a leading laboratory in molecular diagnostic RT-PCR testing since 2011. We offer a wide variety of diagnostic tests to identify pathogens more accurately, thereby allowing physicians to formulate quicker decisions and more effective treatment plans.

Our tests include:

Whether you’re a medical provider or another lab looking for a reference laboratory to partner with, we can help you stay ahead of the curve and on top of your testing needs.

Ready to learn more? Contact NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies today by calling (352) 375-5553 or emailing!